KPMG Sai Gadia is a leader in KPMG Emerging Technology Risk Services practice Cloud Risk Consulting services writes in his paper “KPMG – How to manage 5 key cloud computing risks”

Knowledgebase article : KPMG – How to manage 5 key cloud computing risks

“ Cloud computing provides many benefits, at the same time, it introduces major risks on several crucial fronts that need to be governed and managed by user organizations. Well-managed organizations must understand and mitigate these risks to better leverage their cloud computing initiatives.”
Five major risks are:

  1. Data security and regulatory
  2. Technology
  3. Operational
  4. Vendor
  5. Financial

The TMR Takeaway

People and organisations using Cloud computing should always be wary that cloud computing is placing your faith and data on someone eise’s computer.

While the benefits of an outsourced agreement may on paper appear advantageous, risk of the internet and the unknown cannot be ignored… Where is your data, Is it encrypted in transit, Who has access to your data once it’s arrived, Where is your cloud provider hosting their service, What is their underlying infrastructure, is there a cloud solution middle-man?

The QC product suite, QC Health, QC Three and QC Clean are 100% Australian Owned, Designed, Developed and alongside QC Docs are all 100% Australian deployed. As a long time Microsoft partner TMR Global is committed to geographically hosting client databases and the QC technology suite in Australia which ensures not only is your data stored in Australia, but the application collecting it is locally managed too. This strategy of the TMR Global team has been adopted from day 1 for the QC product suite to ensure you know with confidence where your data is located and it is not being spoofed on the way through by an unknown and un-controlled middleman.