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PWC Global GRC and Internal Audit Leader Andrew McPherson, “2019 Risk in review”

Knowledgebase article : 2019 Risk in review

Risk functions need the knowledge and skill sets to provide advice on risks, including both business and emerging technology perspectives. Risk functions also need the skills to use digital tools and become more data driven so they can provide insights on risks at the pace and scale the organisation requires

The TMR Takeaway

Risk functions have traditionally focussed on risk and control in complex business landscapes which support multiple source systems which may or may not be integrated. The complex digital landscape is difficult to navigate and does not easily support control state change making the data and analytical capability commonly isolated to the silo’d source systems.

To digitally enable risk, QC3 starts by centralising and structuring assurance in preparation for Risk utilisation across entire global organisations. To digitally unlock risk within your organisation, TMR Global is ready to help.