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Ernst & Young Risk Transformation Leader Matt Polak Partner writes in his paper “Enabling Successful Risk Transformation”

Knowledgebase article : EY – Enabling Successful Risk Transformation

Organizations today need to evaluate the impact of the changing risk landscape. External and internal risk management needs are becoming increasingly complex and intrusive, while the demand for more comprehensive, consolidated and real-time risk and compliance information continues to increase. Risk management has become a growing operational and financial burden, limiting its ability to keep pace with business growth and transformational initiatives

The TMR Takeaway

Applying lean and 6-sigma to risk has enabled TMR’s QC3 product to execute real time risk and compliance monitoring from collected assurance sources. With true risk and assurance innovation, TMR Global is able to lift organisations sample based assurance to population based total assurance.

It’s great to see leaders in the risk industry to see the pressing need for real time risk which is exactly where TMR Global is ready to help.