TMR Global continual improvement philosophy delivers rapid analytical turnarounds


“TMR Global has delivered continual improvement to the QC Health SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) platform from the feedback of it’s userbase.
A custom report request from a user was received and in 30 minutes the draft was developed and deployed. Two hours later the customer had a finalised published version in their hands and was self-managing their automated push reporting. ”

The TMR Takeaway

Being integrated with both Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services enables multiple lenses of data interaction within QC Health. Internalised data visualisation and interaction is the mainstay of Power BI while custom reporting development and automated push reporting fits within SSRS.

TMR Global’s Information and Reporting analysts are passionate about data and extracting maximum value for it’s customers and on top of that, our customer’s report not only added value to their specific need, but has the capacity to add value to the entire QC Health community. With customer permission, within 24 hours of inception, the customer’s report went from concept, to draft, to published report to automated push report and then made available to the entire QC Health community.

Better still, QC Health self-managed push reporting is provided to the community for FREE!

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