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KPMG Matt Tottenham and Anna Hopley Partners write in their paper “Risk re-imagined”

Knowledgebase article : KPMG – Risk re-imagined

“Balancing risk and return have always been a core question for companies. But in this new era of transparency, social currency and rapidly changing environments, risk functions need to evolve, be reimagined and be part of the front line

The TMR Takeaway

Risk automation in a digital era requires a ground up re-think. Assurance needs to be flexible to account for the varying levels of investment organisationns across industries make into people, process and technology. This then needs to be coupled with the ability to structure data for risk automation.

TMR Global’s QC3 application exactly fills the niche that risk industry leaders are calling for. By approaching risk with a blank slate, TMR Global has re-imagined risk and digitally integrated it with frontline assurance.

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