Risk transformation

Organizations today need to evaluate the impact of the changing risk landscape…Read more

Risk transformation

New era of transparency, social currency and rapidly changing environments, risk functions need to evolve, be reimagined and be part of the front line”…Read more

Integrated risk assurance

The traditional ways assurance activities and reporting are organized limit an organization’s visibility and effectiveness of its risk management, while creating unnecessary costs and exposures…Read more

Being a smarter risk taker through digital transformation

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Banking models after COVID-19: Taking model-risk management to the next level

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How to manage 5 key cloud computing risks

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Creating the bank enterprise risk management function of the future

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Decoding the future

More preventative, real time controls need to be designed and built into systems up front, enabling risks to be identified in a continuous manner, rather than hours, days or months later. Given the speed at which data can be created, accessed, shared, and processed, traditional detective controls are increasingly identifying incidents and issues too late…Read more