Chris Recchia Partner in Deloitte Risk Advisory, Tom Bigham Director in Deloitte Risk Advisory and Rob Dighton Senior Manager in Deloitte Technology Risk & Controls write in their paper “Risk decoding the future”

Podcast : Deloitte – UK risk decoding the future

“ More preventative, real time controls need to be designed and built into systems up front, enabling risks to be identified in a continuous manner, rather than hours, days or months later. Given the speed at which data can be created, accessed, shared, and processed, traditional detective controls are increasingly identifying incidents and issues too late. ”

The TMR Takeaway

Real time automated control testing is exactly what our QC3 enterprise risk management solution provides. QC3 lifts Risk and Internal Audit functions to be data enabled trusted advisors of the entire business and using the embedded secure API data event automated control testing, The challenge of large and small businesses of changing core systems is mitigated.

let’s face it, changing a core banking platform or healthcare system is fraught with danger and expense and for what purpose? To implement a technology-based control which can cheaply be established with a combination of either people, process or both. The conflict however is process and people are prone to error, resulting in control failure or simply non-execution.

QC3 enables businesses to remove process and increase testing coverage to the entire population simply by executing automated control tests from each data submission. To uplift your business’s digital risk function, look no further than QC3.