Australian Health Minister Greh Hunt – Training is not a control ” we have thrown the book at them.”

SBS News article : Healthcare Australia CEO stands aside following incorrect COVID-19 vaccine dosages in Brisbane

“Healthcare Australia gave false information to the federal government about the doctor’s training. Its chief executive, Jason Cartwright, has also stood aside, Health Minister Greg Hunt said on Thursday afternoon. “The company is installing new management, they are bringing in additional management,” Mr Hunt said during Question Time in federal parliament.”

The TMR Takeaway

Training is not a control, and yet Healthcare Australia, a provider of care since 1972 has clearly been reliant on it during the world’s greatest vaccination event in the entire history of humankind.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on an outsiders opinion.

  1. Healthcare Australia (HCA) is highly unlikely to have impilemented a digital assurance, risk and control platform, rather HCA will be reliant on paper based assurance mechanisms prolific in healthcare today.
  2. HCA Executives were un-informed and had no oversight of THEIR RISKS during the vaccination program
  3. HCA has relied on “training” in place of actual controls to mitigate numerous risks in the global vaccination program such as; medication mis-administration, organisational reputation, organisational financial
  4. HCA’s existing CEO has been stepped aside by Australian Federal parliament with no mention as to how the organisation’s Risk Function failed, which implies either Healthcare does not have an accountable risk function or Healthcare Australia simply has a poor risk culture.
  5. HCA’s response to the failures of their risk management is simply “Apologise and bring in additional management.”

“The company is installing new management, they are bringing in additional management,” Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt said during Question Time in federal parliament. Healthcare Australia’s chairman Daren McKennay has issued a statement of apology. “We apologise unreservedly to the patients and their families involved for the distress this has caused and assure the community that the error was isolated and will not be repeated,” he said. ”

HCA’s control failures have resulted in administration of vaccine overdoses which resulted in the CEO stepping aside with an interim CEO taking place while the company remediates it’s reputational risks and relationship with the federal government.

With further implications impacting the federal vaccination reputational risk, the Federal government has to now intensify it’s vaccination messaging with Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd being quoted

“Safety remains our paramount concern for the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination program, This breach of quality and safety has been unacceptable.”

Once again, we have seen “Training” or lack there of… breach controls which “should” exist to mitigate risks. From the outset, HCA has failed to invest in their risk culture and digitised assurance, risk and control, instead they will execute a kneejerk reaction by issuing an apology and bring in more management.

TMR Global has specialised in evolving Assurance, Risk and automated control testing in Healthcare on our proprietary platform QC Health which provides real time risk and control information based on assurance data submission and would have assisted in mitigating many of the identified risks observed in the first Australian incident reported in the global COVID-19 vaccination.

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