” Alfresco and Cisco, Melinda Cox – Cisco VP Sales Operations “

Alfresco customer story : Seize the momentum to transform Internal Audit permanently

Cisco commissioned a study and found their sales and partner teams spend, on average, 15 to 20% of their time—or millions of hours annually—searching for the right information to support valuable customer conversations. For example, Cisco’s 6000 Sales Engineers (SEs) struggled to find accurate, up-to-date information on product roadmaps, feature comparisons and competitive data. Content was spread across more than 20 different locations, resulting in content chaos. Cisco estimates this community alone cost the company over $375 million a year in lost productivity from navigating the content chaos.

To solve these challenges, Cisco turned to Alfresco. According to Jeff McKittrick, Director of Sales Enablement at Cisco, “Cisco IT brought us together with Alfresco to show us how we can move with speed, be flexible, and bring in all our different types of content to deliver an awesome experience for our sales teams.”

According to Bailey Szeto, Senior Director Collaboration Architecture at Cisco, “We were able to hit the aggressive timeline mainly because of Alfresco’s open source platform. Because we had the ability to look at the source code and see what’s going on, we could deliver the platform we were looking for in just six weeks.”  

The TMR Takeaway

There may be other Enterprise Content Management solutions on the market but none offer the delivery capability of Alfresco

Out of the box Alfresco content management is configured to meet healthcare specific requirements in policy and procedure management which is delivered simply and efficiently.

As demonstrated by Alfresco’s customer stories, there is a reason Alfresco has been chosen as the Enterprise Content Manament system for the worlds biggest and most well known companies.