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Adam Uzialko of has labelled Alfresco as the Best Document Management Software of 2020

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Alfresco Content Services is our pick for the best document management system for collaboration. The software is designed to facilitate teamwork on documents stored within the system. As much a content management platform as it is a document management system, Alfresco Content Services is ideal for teams that regularly create and update content, especially in a collaborative manner.


The TMR Takeaway

As a global leader in Document, Content and Workflow management, Alfresco is the leading choice for complex and regulated industries. As an open source platform, Alfresco places control into business's hands to configure and establish a functional and collaborative platform and have direct control over it.

For this and many additional reasons TMR Global has partnered with Alfresco as the Document, Content and Workflow platform of choice to deploy it's Policy and Procedure management solutions. TMR does this with confidence as Alfresco is used by globally recognised companies and organisations including the below notable few;

“Thanks to Alfresco's open source platform we had the ability to look at the source code and see what’s going on, we could deliver the platform we were looking for in just six weeks.”

Chuck Robbins, Cisco CEO

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“We have users coming into the system from all over including researchers, engineers, and researchers wanting to build teams. When they come back to the system, all of their documents & research is there waiting for them.”

David Cordner, IT Architect, Research Directorate

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“We are changing where and how we deliver care... You adopt a platform and even though you don’t know what’s coming, you must be confident the product can help you get there. With Alfresco Process Services, we’re not locked into any one way of working.”

— David Walliker, CIO, Liverpool Women’s NHS Foundation Trust

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TMR Global is ready to help you enjoy the benefits of Alfresco in your organisation.

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