QC3 Voice

# Increase Coverage and Decrease Costs

Test 100% of your calls for compliance, sentiment and performance by converting Audio to Text and then analysing it using QC3 Voice

The Challenge

Every call that your call center engages in has many critical elements - the flow of accurate information, the correct disclosures, sales opportunities, loyalty opportunities etc.

Until now, most organisations have been unable to efficiently manage the risks or take advantage of opportunities that these call offer, because they can only monitor a small and random sample of all calls.


Changes this

QC3 Voice, can "listen to" and analyse each and every call, checking for risk & compliance issues, callers sentiment or mood, performance and continuous improvement.

QC3 Voice is able to do this, by utilising leading edge AI, Speech to Text & secure Cloud technologies.

Benefits of QC3 Voice

By analysing 100% of calls QC3 Voice will offer you the following benefits:

  • Reduce Risk and Avoid Compliance Issues
  • Reduce Costs of Call Monitoring agents
  • Improve sales conversion rates
  • Improve customer satisfaction & experience

QC Voice Features

  • Secure Cloud Technology (yours or ours)
  • Speech to Text conversion
  • Rules & Sentiment based Analytics
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Emailed Alerts
  • Underlying Risk, Compliance & Issue Engine

How we do it

Quite simple really,
but Watch the Video and if you still have questions please call us.

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