Incident Management

# Collaborative, Complete, Confidential

Incident Management

QC3  provides employees with a complete view of all the information related to incidents they are involved in. By managing data relationships, documents, photographs and processes in a single application QC3 empowers employees to effectively manage investigations and make better decisions. 

Full Visibility

Managing incidents using the centralized QC3 system increases visibility across the entire lifecycle of an incident.

Integrated Incident Management

Linkages between the control library and incident management system allow users to update automated controls in relation to incidents that have occurred.

Incident Management History

A full audit trail and complete historical record of all actions improves transparency and accountability.

Advanced Analytics

Integration with our Advanced Analytics makes it easy to monitor incidents and recognise patterns to initiate improvement projects.

360 degree Visibility

Complete view of all case-related information, including data records, reports from other operational systems allowing staff to remain within the same intuitive interface, logging activities, adding notes and updates, delegating tasks and scheduling events.

Information Security

Managing information in QC3 also increases security and control, minimising unauthorised access or unapproved changes.

QC Three being shared on laptops and tablets with coffee