Assurance & Audit

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Assurance & Audit

We understand the complexities of data capture to evaluate, analyse and verify quality of information to make significant organisation decisions.

Fully Configurable

Audit questions can have multiple rules applied at the configuration stage, with rules and triggers (actions and alerts) that may not be known to the auditor, such as auto fail, and automatic notifications sent to management teams.

Assurance Lenses

Three underlying lenses of assurance are applied to each answer within an audit.

This allows the management team to very quickly identify areas in the organization where negative risk indicators are emerging.

Calibration Module

TMR Global recognizes that the data being captured by auditors can be used to make significant business decisions.

QC3 was designed to include a calibration module to train and test auditor's interpretation of audit questions before collecting data.


Designed to be efficient in the data collection process through the intuitive user interface as well as added features such as scheduling that drive users directly to the required audit at the required location with the push of a button on your favourite device.

QC3 Audit.png