Advanced Analytics

# Made simple through automated processes

Advanced Analytics

QC3 has been paired with Microsoft Power BI to provide world leading data visualisation dashboards.

Centralised Risk Reporting

Centralised risk reporting across the entire enterprise and display it in a variety of ways to create the exact view they need to make critical decisions.

Population Based Testing

QC3 works with organisations to support bi-lateral data and integration, with API across any application or tool. This allows QC3 to complete control testing on population sized data sets; eliminating the risk of type 1 or type 2 sampling errors.

Inter-rater Assessment

QC3 applies an inter-rater capability to data mine the submitted assurance data for re-processing in and against separate audits.

The inter-rater module enables QC3 to uniquely extract seemingly un-related assurance data sets, determine if prescribed results are achieved and re-executed against configured risks and controls.

QC Three power bi embedded data visualisations and printed copies